Frequently Asked Questions
  • 20 Dec 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Setting Up The Application

How do you install the Itential Automation Services ServiceNow Application? You may install the app from the ServiceNow Store. For more information on how to install the application, please reference the Installing the Itential Automation Services Application article.
What configurations need to occur in Itential to use the app? There are no configurations that need to take place however, there are other factors to be aware of.
  • After installation, you should be able to access Itential from the ServiceNow platform. If this is not the case, please contact your system admin.
  • If the user does not have an IAP authenication token ( this token is provided by the IAP admin), they will have to enter their IAP crendentials to use the app.
How are levels of access defined in the Itential Automation Services app?There are two access levels defined by the x_itent_services.admin and the x_itent_services.user roles.
  • The x_itent_services.admin role allows the user to assign roles and permissions.
  • The x_itent_services.user grants users access to the application.

For more information on how to set up roles, please refer to the Setting Up Roles article.

How do you set restrictions on what information is available to users?Admins may set restrictions by assigning particular roles to IAP Instances in the IAP Instances Config table. For more information on how to set restrictions, please refer to the Setting Up Permissions article.
What is the data flow pattern and specifications (firewall ports, etc.) required for the app to work? The Itential API is called from the ServiceNow Server. This is a change from the initial version of the Itential ServiceNow Application which connected to Itential from the Client's browser. This means that the ServiceNow instance needs access to Itential. Firewall rules must allow ServiceNow to access the Itential directly or through a MID Server.

Communication and Flow of Data

How does the Itential Automation Services app communicate with Itential and update exposed forms?The app is pre-programed to access the Operations Manager API using the provided URI in the configuration section.
Are there any use cases where Itential requires more custom database tables?
  • Yes, after installation two tables are created. The first table is created to store IAP instances and configurations.

  • A second table is created to store information about the triggered automation such as, who triggered the automation, why the automation was triggered, and which IAP instance the automation triggered aganist.

How will the Itential Automation Services app help address business processes when managing items within ServiceNow? Users are able to use the Itential Automation Services app to trigger automations within Itential.
How do I integrate Itential into other areas of ServiceNow? Itential has provided ServiceNow Actions and example ServiceNow Flows that show how you can integrate Itential into your ServiceNow Change, Incident and Request processes. The provided Actions can be reutilized in Flows that you build using the ServiceNow Flow Designer.


What happens if the Itential Automation Services app is having trouble connecting to Itential? If connectivity is delayed the application will notify the user and ask them to retry the task they were trying to perform.
Who do I contact for support? You may request technical support by clicking on Itential Service Desk and submitting a form. For more information on requirements to submit a form, please refer to Itential Service Desk Information page.

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