Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Overview
  • 15 Mar 2023
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Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Overview

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Welcome to the Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) use case walkthrough. The steps for this use case walkthrough are also available in Itential Academy in an e-learning format. Click the link below to access it:

Itential Cloud Walk-Through - Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS)

The use cases outlined within this section are intended to be completed on Itential's Trial infrastructure and lab. For more details about accessing this infrastructure and lab, please visit www.itential.com/get-started

When you think about enabling a port on an Arista EOS device, there are multiple reasons a business may want to automate this process. Some of the typical applications include:

  • Servicing and configuring new connectivity
  • Deploying new hardware to a network 
  • Moving hardware from one port to another
  • Migrating traffic to a new port

During this walkthrough, your team will use existing Itential Pre-Builts to enable a port on an EOS device. A Pre-Built is an out-of-the-box automation that Itential offers for its customers.  We know it’s not uncommon that our customers have a diverse network in terms of vendors, so the process you will learn here today is easily applied to other vendor types.

Use Case Overview

A basic overview of the use case can be found on the left-hand side of the slide below. The automation is designed and kicks off in the Itential Automation Platform (IAP).  Below IAP is the Itential Automation Gateway (IAG) that connects with our network devices, such as our EOS device in this use case. 

To the right are the high-level steps. The automation will: 

  • Gather data in a form
  • Perform a Pre-Check to verify the port does not already exist
  • Configure the port
  • Perform a Post-Check to verify the state of the port
  • Display a diff of the Pre-Check and Post-Check to the user

Walkthrough Steps

The follow on articles will take you step by step, through the Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) use case. These include:

  1. Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Device Configuration
  2. Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Command Templates
  3. Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - JSON Form
  4. Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Transformations
  5. Port/VLAN Turn Up (EOS) - Pre-Built
  6. Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Workflow
  7. Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Operations Manager
  8. Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Configuration Manager

The instructions are downloadable by clicking the PDF icon in the upper right of each page.


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