Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Configuration Manager
  • 15 Mar 2023
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Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Configuration Manager

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Now that you have successfully completed the automation, you can verify it made the desired configuration change to the EOS device.

We will review the device configuration again to see the changes we've just made in Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Operations Manager.

The use cases outlined within this section are intended to be completed on Itential's Trial infrastructure and lab. For more details about accessing this infrastructure and lab, please visit www.itential.com/get-started

Step 1

From the IAP dashboard, click Configuration Manager.

Graphical user interface, website  Description automatically generated

Step 2

Click the EOS device.

Step 3

Click the Load Configuration button.

Step 4

The new port configuration displays.


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