What's New & FAQs
  • 30 Jan 2024
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What's New & FAQs

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Article Summary

📍 Feature Releases

Read the feature information on Itential's software:

📍 IAP and IAG 2021.2 - Scheduled EOS Date

Scheduled end-of-support (EOS) for IAP and IAG release versions 2021.2 is January 24, 2024. More detail is available on Itential's Version Lifecycle page.

📍 Itential Product Documentation

Product documentation for each release version of Automation Gateway and Automation Platform is consolidated into a single user guide with a navigational menu structure and table of contents to make articles easier to find, and a search system with filters to provide more relevant results faster.


📍 FAQs

This section gives quick answers to some common questions that tend to recur frequently.

Where can I find the software for download?

Software builds for download can be found in the Itential Software Repository for your deployment. If you do not have access to the repository, contact your Itential Account representative to obtain the necessary credentials.

Which browsers are supported by IAP?

Presently, Itential Automation Platform (IAP) is compatible with the most current version of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge

If you are unsure what version you are actually running, be sure to check. Itential's product release notes contain IAP Browser Compatability for each feature and maintance release.

Use the following table to better understand the type of user action that is required for various form fields in IAP. Depending on the browser, the message prompt for user input will vary.

Browser Field Type Message Prompt Required User Action
Chrome Text None Enter required text in the field.
Chrome Numerical None Enter the required numerical value.
Chrome Dropdown Menu Please select an item in the list. Select the appropriate item from the dropdown list.
Firefox Text None Enter required text in the field.
Firefox Numerical Please enter a number. Enter the required numerical value.
Firefox Dropdown Menu Please select an item in the list. Select the appropriate item from the dropdown list.

Does IAP collect any information from my system?

No, Itential Automation Platform does not collect or report on any telemetric information from your system.

Does the NSO adapter have to be restarted to reflect a service pack upgrade in NSO?

Yes. The NSO adapter will read and compile the service model yang files at startup (APIs such as runAction and getDevices will continue to work even without an adapter restart).

If you are using the NSO adapter for service operations (i.e., Service Manager, Form Builder, etc.), restart the adapter after updating the NSO service models and the adapter will re-read the yang files. If you have forms linked to the updated service models, you will likely have to rebuild some parts of these forms in addition to restarting the adapter to ensure the forms are aligned with the updated service model.

How do users submit a help desk ticket ?

You just need to access you Service Desk account and create a Product Support ticket.
Learn more about creating a ticket through the Itential Service Desk portal at this article.

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