IAP 2023.2 Release
  • 21 Apr 2024
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IAP 2023.2 Release

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Article summary

2023.2.0 Feature Release

Itential is pleased to announce the 2023.2 feature release of the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) with several new functions and improvements to configure, manage, and deploy devices and services across your operational network. 

Automation Platform

Core Updates

  • Active User Visibility - When assigned the correct permissions, this feature will allow administrators to see users who currently have an active login session and optionally log them out.
  • BullMQ Support – IAP 2023.2 introduces BullMQ Support, which is a messaging service designed to give a more seamless experience during IAP deployment. Built on top of Redis, it will replace RabbitMQ, reducing the number of dependencies administrators will need to install and manage as part of an IAP deployment. 
  • MongoDB Performance Enhancement – IAP 2023.2 enables users to exceed the 16MB limit for files stored in MongoDB through GridFS for applications executing workflows in workflow engine. A part of Mongo, GridFS automatically breaks large files into individual pieces, storing them separately and improving platform performance. 
  • SAML SSO Support - The 2023.2 feature release now provides customers the ability to authenticate to IAP using SAML SSO.  This feature will allow users to authenticate once in their preferred identify management platform, such as Okta or Microsoft, and then connect to IAP using their SSO credentials.

Automation Studio

  • Projects - Projects is a container-like environment where designers can collaborate to create workflows, forms, templates, and JSTs as an entire use case, rather than as individual assets within Automation Studio.  The assets within the Project will appear in one list and are not separated by type, but instead, are distinguishable by icons.  
  • Canvas Enhancements – IAP 2023.2 provides canvas search, which gives users the ability to find and highlight tasks on the canvas, allowing them to quickly locate specific items and tasks. This release also includes reference management, which allows users to visualize the path of incoming and outgoing data. 

Lifecycle Manager

  • Model & Instance Enhancements – IAP 2023.2 now enables users to import and export Lifecycle Manager instances between environments. This feature also allows administrators to take periodic backups of instances.

Configuration Manager / Operations Manager

  • Compliance for JSON & CLI Arrays - Users can now set rules to specify required components or to specify what order configuration rules must be in.  These enhancements add the ability to enforce the management of arrays.
  • Compliance Reporting - Compliance Reporting can now be created and run as an automation, giving you the flexibility to schedule and trigger a compliance check.  These automations allow you to group various Golden Configuration compliance checks into a single running effort.

Showcase Video

Login to Itential Academy to watch a short, simple course video on the latest updates in this feature release.

Itential Resources

If you'd like to see more product features in action, or discover more about IAP for network automation, be sure to visit:

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