IAG Breaking Changes: 2023.2 | 2023.1 | 2022.1
  • 15 May 2024
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IAG Breaking Changes: 2023.2 | 2023.1 | 2022.1

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Article summary

Breaking Changes [IAG]

To improve the IAG image, Itential made several breaking changes that apply to IAG maintenance release versions:

  • 2023.2.7
  • 2023.1.10
  • 2022.1.19

Python Packages in IAG Image

IAG installation via wheel file now includes additional python packages. Consequently, as a benefit, required third-party dependencies come pre-installed in the IAG image as well. This includes: Nornir, Netmiko, Netconf, GRPC, LDAP Authentication, and Vault packages.

What should I do?

  • Create a dockerFile that builds a new customized IAG image using the Itential provided IAG image as a base image.
  • Move the logic for any scripts that are being mounted to /docker-entrypoint-init-iag.d/* into the new dockerFile.
  • Remove any logic that mounts any files to the /docker-entrypoint-init-iag.d/* location.


  • Ansible is preinstalled in IAG version 2023.2+.
  • Ansible is not preinstalled in IAG versions 2023.1 or earlier.

VENV Inside Docker Image No Longer Installed

IAG is no longer installed in a virtual environment (VENV) inside the Docker image. As a result:

  • If you customized the container (either by Dockerfile that extended the IAG image, or another means such as a compose file), then some customizations might have to be adjusted.

  • If you customized the “CMD” of the container, the CMD statement needs to be updated to automation-gateway instead of /opt/itential/automation-gateway/bin/automation-gateway.

  • The following paths no longer exist in the image:

    • /opt/itential/automation-gateway/bin (aka ~/automation-gateway/bin)

    • /opt/itential/automation-gateway/includes (aka ~/automation-gateway/includes)

    • /opt/itential/automation-gateway/lib (aka ~/automation-gateway/lib)

    • /opt/itential/automation-gateway/lib64 (aka ~/automation-gateway/lib64)

    • /opt/itential/automation-gateway/share (aka ~/automation-gateway/share)

  • IAG (along with required packages like Ansible) are now installed at /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages instead of /opt/itential/automation-gateway/.

  • The source /opt/itential/automation-gateway/bin/activate command is no longer needed to activate the Python Virtual Environment when installing pip packages inside the DockerFile. The deactivate command should also be removed from the dockerFile if present.

WAIT_FOR Features Removed

  • The WAIT_FOR package and references have been removed from the IAG image.
  • The WAIT_FOR and WAIT_FOR_TIMEOUT environment variables no longer work in the image.

Please contact the Product Support Team if you require more information or need additional support.

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