AngularJS Deprecated
  • 10 May 2024
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AngularJS Deprecated

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Article summary

Deprecation Notice [2023.2]

For greater security hardening, AngularJS is deprecated in IAP 2023.2 and scheduled for removal in the 2024.1 release. Deprecating this web framework will impact (break) any customizations that rely on the /lib/angular directory and the use of AngularJS (AJS) in Jade/Pug templating.

What should I do?

Please review all custom app UIs and custom manual tasks to determine if they rely on AngularJS and would be subject to breaking. If affected, consider one of the three options available, which are outlined below. The option to choose depends on your environment and the goals of your organization:

  • Migrate from AngularJS to Angular
  • Continue using AngularJS
  • Self-configure your AngularJS resources

All options are explained below. Please contact the Product Support Team if you need additional support or require more information.

Migrate from AngularJS to Angular

If any customizations are impacted, consider using Angular. To migrate AngularJS to Angular, use the ngUpgrade module described here: How ngUpgrade Works.

Continue using AngularJS

If you wish to continue using AngularJS, then follow these steps:

  1. Install the AngularJS version previously provided by IAP.

    npm install angular@1.5.11
  2. Create a new directory at the application root to serve the AngularJS files (e.g, “lib”).

    mkdir lib
  3. Create a symbolic link (symlink) that points to the AngularJS files in the new directory.

    ln -s ../node_modules/angular lib/angular
  4. In the application’s pronghorn.json file, add the new directory as a uiDirectory.

    "uiDirectories": ["lib"]
  5. Update any references to the old IAP-provided AngularJS instance to the new location provided by the application.

    script(src="/lib/angular/angular.min.js") → script(src="./lib/angular/angular.min.js")

Self-Configure AngularJS

As an alternative, you can attempt to remediate by self-configuring trusted secure protocols for any AngularJS resources that remain within your front-end, or move to another framework (e.g., ReactJS) that aligns with your current needs and is compatible with the Itential platform.

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