• 08 Jul 2024
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The user interface (UI) for Admin Essentials | Applications consists of the Configuration and Logging tabs, as described below. Please note that available views, features, and interactions in the UI are limited based on user permissions.

Configuration Tab

This is the landing page for the Application details view. If your application has properties to edit, they will be displayed here in a form. If not, logging can be edited in the Advanced view (if user permission has been granted in the Applications - updateApplication permission method) or in the Logging tab.

To enable the Advanced editing view, use the toogle switch (top upper-right corner).

Figure 1: Admin Essentials Config Editor

Profiling Feature

To help troubleshoot performance issues resulting in high CPU usage, Itential Automation Platform (IAP) now includes a built-in profiler based on profiling and simple-profiling. For more information on how to use this feature, see the Profiling Feature section of the IAP Admin Essentials guide.

Filter Variable Data on Job Events

Beginning in the 2023.1.12 release version, Itential added a new property, compactJobEvents, to Workflow Engine. When a customer enables this property, it will remove all user-defined job/task variable values, thereby reducing the size of the job event and improving application performance.

Figure 2: Compact Job Events Property
Compact job Events

Logging Tab

You can view the changelog of an application from the Logging tab. Use the Select Log dropdown to view the changelog for a particular release. From this tab you can also change the log level settings.

Figure 3: Log Settings

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