IAG 2023.2.4 Maintenance Release
  • 17 Jan 2024
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IAG 2023.2.4 Maintenance Release

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Article Summary

Automation Gateway Versions

component version
automation_gateway 4.0.0+2023.2.29

2023.2.4 Maintenance Release

Changelog Overview

  • 2 Improvements
  • 9 Bug Fixes
  • 1 Security Fixes
  • 12 Total Tickets


  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.24 [12-10-2023] - Fixed issues in the Edit Device form related to changes in the Create Device form.
  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.21 [11-21-2023] - Fixed the Global Collections issues noted in the UI/UX review checklist.

Bug Fixes

  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.29 [01-11-2024] - Added dynamic padding based on PHJsonForm dropdown content.
  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.28 [01-11-2024] - Fixed issue with gNOI capability discovery.
  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.27 [01-09-2024] - Fixed venv path display bug in the IAG UI.
  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.25 [12-19-2023] - Updated pipeline file to fix version pipeline issue.
  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.23 [12-04-2023] - Fixed an issue that caused Galaxy installs to fail on the newest version of IAG.
  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.22 [11-22-2023] - Fixed the 'nornir_enable' config to resolve a bug in refreshing Nornir inventory.
  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.19 [11-17-2023] - Added cisco_ios_telnet and generic_telnet devices to the Netmiko dropdown list.
  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.18 [11-14-2023] - Fixed the IAG Signout UI bug in cloud environments.
  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.17 [11-13-2023] - Default environment added to script execution in IAG.

Security Fixes

  • automation-gateway:4.0.0-2023.2.26 [12-19-2023] - Removed the group-array dependency to fix a security vulnerability.

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