IAP Rollback Procedure
  • 19 Apr 2024
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IAP Rollback Procedure

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Article summary

The rollback process involves the following steps.

Warnings & Precautions

The database must be restored to a previous state to ensure feature compatibility. Any data changes made after your latest backup from the rollback-target version of IAP will be lost.

Rollback Procedures

  1. If you have fully completed the upgrade, and the new version is live, prevent the new version of IAP from starting new jobs:

    1. For IAP 2023.1 and above, this may be done from the Admin Essentials UI homepage (Admin Essentials → Server Information → Accept New Jobs).
    2. For IAP 2022.1, this must be done by individually disabling job sources:
      1. Automation Catalog Automations
      2. Operations Manager Automation Triggers
      3. Any non-Itential product that uses the startJobWithOptions API from Workflow Engine.
  2. If the new version of IAP has been live for any length of time, now would be an appropriate time to burn down in-flight jobs, if needed. Note that regardless of job burn-down, you will not have access to post-upgrade jobs after you complete the rollback.

  3. Once all jobs are in the appropriate state, shut down IAP.

  4. Create a database backup using the mongodump utility. This preserves post-upgrade data changes for reference purposes only, and will not be usable in the version of IAP targeted by the rollback.

  5. Make sure all dependency versions satisfy the requirements of the IAP version targeted by the rollback.

  6. Restore the previous database state from the archive that was created before upgrading using the mongorestore utility. Use the --drop flag to ensure all collections are cleared before importing the archived contents. This will delete any data changes made after the upgrade was completed.

  7. Link the previous version of IAP to /opt/pronghorn/current.

    ln -s /opt/pronghorn/<PREVIOUS_IAP_VERSION> /opt/pronghorn/current
  8. Start IAP. At this point, IAP should be rolled back to the previous version, with the database as it was prior to upgrading.

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