Release Notes IAP 2023.2.2
  • 08 Jul 2024
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Release Notes IAP 2023.2.2

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2023.2.2 Maintenance Release

Bug Fixes

This maintenance release of IAP includes fixes for bugs that were reported to Itential Product Support.

Key ID Release Note
ENG-913 When starting IAP with SSO enabled, authentication failed to work via valid JSON Web Token (JWT) for Service Accounts.
ENG-1797 When the output of a task reference variable contains non-alphanumeric characters, the Automation Studio UI will parse the output as a template literal and incorrectly display it as a static value. To resolve, the Regex checker was expanded to capture all expected job variable and task variable names.
PH-148464 The Cancel button in the Create Dialog of Configuration Manager did not work if the user did not have permission to Golden Configuration.
PH-149216 Templates did not sort correctly within Template Groups in the side navigation panel of Automation Studio, and new templates were missing.
PH-151582 When adding Transformation tasks to the canvas via drag-n-drop in Automation Studio, the “Extract Output” option is automatically selected, but when added using the Assets tab menu, the “Extract Output” option is not auto-selected. Improved the UX by auto-selecting all advanced task options in the UI.
PH-152135 Triggers with saved data would sometimes launch automations with incorrect JSON form data. Secondary Key ID: PH-160246
PH-153790 When creating job variables using Workflow Engine tasks Pop, Push, and Shift in Automation Studio, an invalid job variable reference name error would display upon saving the workflow.
PH-159278 When multiple adapters are restarted at the same time using the PUT /adapters/:name/restart API call, some adapters did not restart correctly.
PH-159517 Users were allowed to apply duplicate customKeys in Form fields, resulting in a mismatch between Form Elements and the Form Schema. A validation check within JSON Forms now restricts duplicate customKeys in form fields.
PH-159675 Command Template names in Automation Studio were not sorted (listed) in alphabetical order.
PH-159743 When importing a Pre-built that contains a Template, no validation check was applied in Automation Studio to verify if the Template name (id) was unique or duplicated. Existing Template names are now overwritten and updated with new data.
PH-159773 When importing a Pre-built into Admin Essentials, the import would fail but the Pre-built components (workflow and JST) would still appear in Automation Studio or Operations Manager.
PH-159782 When renaming functions in JSON Transformations, users were unable to update or save functions to the new name.
PH-160007 Transitions would disappear and JST Designer would become unstable when using predefined functions in JST Builder.
PH-160171 Deleting Command and Analytic Templates from the collection view UI in Automation Studio would display a failure notification. A success response now returns to inform users the collection view has successfully updated.
PH-160197 The job variable UX for output schemas was inconsistent with the UX for incoming variables in Automation Studio. UX was improved by properly generating workflow schemas whenever users select the Store Output as Job Variable option on the Output tab in the task dialog.
PH-160336 Apps and adapters would continue to send "alive" health check reports even when the dead process checker was disabled in the systemProps under IAP Profiles, thereby leading to performance issues.
PH-160374 When creating an automation by scheduled or event trigger with assigned Authorization Groups, the workflow failed to run and did not display in Operations Manager.
PH-160392 When importing Pre-builts with an already existing JST, the import did not overwrite the existing JST but duplicated it instead by a "(1)" to the JST name.
PH-160406 When adding members to a new Project in Automation Studio, the UI displayed duplicate members in the Project Access list which could not be deleted.
PH-160475 When users select the "Select All" option in the Edit Group dialog after creating a new group within Admin Essentials, roles would be selected at random across multiple pages.
PH-160510 When importing Pre-built workflows containing JST-on-Transitions or childJob Transformations that use thisArg, the migration failed to execute appropriately, thereby causing workflows and transformations to fail at runtime.
PH-160535 When importing workflows in Automation Studio, template variables disappeared and the workflow canvas would not save.
PH-160548 When connecting to adapter-nso, the NETCONF connection would fail due to weak fault tolerance and cause the adapter to crash.
PH-160549 In a system setup with NSO 5.7 or NSO 6.1, adapter-nso would not stay connected or run if a device name did not exist.
PH-160576 When polling the prometheus_metrics API for a running job in Operations Manager, the counters for iap_active_sessions and iap_total_api_calls would reset every 20 minutes regardless of whether a login session had expired or not.
PH-160578 When using NSO version greater than 6.0, NCAM rules configured in Cisco NSO are not properly inherited in IAP, resulting in users having access to different components than intended.
PH-160607 In the new canvas UI, injecting job variables into a larger string value (a feature referred to as template literal strings) in a task property does not work, resulting in the user-entered value being erased by the system.
PH-160716 When searching for a device within the Command Template UI in Automation Studio, the user is unable to select a device in the search results.
PH-160822 In the Automation Studio left side collections list, nested menu asset names were incorrectly showing in-place editing controls for save (checkbox) and cancel ("x").
PH-160978 When editing a Query task in Automation Studio, the user is sometimes unable to change any variable source property between "static" and "task".
PH-160997 While viewing an asset in a Project, simultaneously attempting to edit the name of a different asset in the sidebar list can fail and will generate an error.
PH-161138 When executing getDevice in Configuration Manager without specifying a device name, the task will hang and block any additional IAP calls to Cisco NSO if the NSO instance contains more than 150K devices.
PH-161308 When using JST Designer, attempting to add a function to the transformation results in an unresponsive browser if the number of API routes in available adaptors exceeds 15K.


Key ID Release Note
PH-159770 In Projects, the lastUpdated and lastUpdatedBy properties in Projects are now updated at the asset level. Secondary Key IDs: PH-159771,
PH-160425 Added the ability for customers to auto discover Automation Gateway so that customers can reliably discover any changes made to a number of Automation Gateways within their environment from within IAP as a workflow canvas task or API call.

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