Itential SSO Set-Up
  • 02 Apr 2024
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Itential SSO Set-Up

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Article summary

Whenever users attempt to access the Itential login page, they are redirected to the Azure SSO page. To do this, another HTML page is created and specified in the uiProps.login section of IAP_Profile.

  1. A sample sso.html is available for use and should work for most default installations. Its location is within the node_modules/@itential/adapter-azure_aaa/samples directory

  2. Locate or create the sso.html which can be renamed as long as it matches the uiProps.login path. Itential recommends that you place the file in a custom directory under the /opt/itential/current/ directory and name the file sso.html:

  3. To edit the file, modify the following values to match the set-up.

    The secret is not required and should not appear in this file as sso.html can be read by any browser.

    var host = '';
    var tenant = 'a28044b2-e519-4675-ab09-eb6ee673ed72';
    var client = 'd42380f6-4fae-43ed-bb78-415243bce4c7';
  4. Verify the tenant/client values are the same used in Service_Config.

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