IAG 2022.1.13 Maintenance Release
  • 13 Sep 2023
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IAG 2022.1.13 Maintenance Release

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Article summary

Automation Gateway Versions

component version
automation_gateway 3.198.19+2022.1.75

Changelog Overview

  • 3 Bug Fixes
  • 3 Total Tickets

Bug Fixes

  • automation-gateway:3.198.19-2022.1.75 [09-06-2023] - Implemented a code check for header names to handle 'Content-Type' casing.
  • automation-gateway:3.198.19-2022.1.74 [08-21-2023] - Removed the edit button from Nornir Device Inventory. Updated the Nornir refresh toast notification to more accurate wording. The execution response content is no longer hidden when excessively long.
  • automation-gateway:3.198.19-2022.1.73 [08-10-2023] - Updated the paginator control in each card Collection UI to show separate page numbering.

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