Golden Configuration (IOS) - Device Configuration
  • 21 Apr 2023
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Golden Configuration (IOS) - Device Configuration

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In this module, we will briefly review the current Cisco IOS device configuration in Configuration Manager.

The use cases outlined within this section are intended to be completed on Itential's Trial infrastructure and lab. For more details about accessing this infrastructure and lab, please visit

Device Configuration Video

Step 1

From IAP Cloud, log in to your IAP instance by clicking on the blue Launch icon.

Step 2

From the IAP dashboard, click Configuration Manager.

Step 3

Shown here are devices that have been federated into IAP, in this lab we've simply named our IOS device IOS. Click the IOS device; this is the device we will configure.

Step 4

The Device Status is online. It does a quick test to confirm that the device is reachable when you select it. Click the Load Configuration button.

The Load Configuration button executes the show running-config command on our target device which displays the current running configuration of the device. 

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