Creating a Secret using the Vault UI
  • 30 Mar 2024
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Creating a Secret using the Vault UI

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Article summary

To create a secret within Vault:

  1. Go to the Vault Server UI connected with IAP and login.

    Figure 1: Vault UI

    Vault UI

  2. Click anywhere on the KV bar.

    Figure 2: Secrets Engine KV Bar

    Secrets Engine KV Bar

  3. Click the Create secret + button.

    Figure 3: Create Secret

    Create Secret

  4. Choose a path from the dropdown or enter manually. This must be unique, and it will be important for future steps.

  5. Enter the number of versions to keep for the secret metadata.

  6. In the key filed in the secret data section, enter the secret data information. For this example test_pass was used.

  7. Click the eye icon (button) to make sure the information was added correctly. You can include multiple keys within one path, or use the Add button to enter additional secret data.

  8. Click the Save button to retain your secret data.

    Figure 4: Save Secret

    Save Secret

  9. Secrets may be entered using JSON. The Version 1 dropdown menu pertains to the iteration of the secret entered not the version of the KV Vault Engine.

    Figure 5: JSON Toggle Switch

    JSON Toggle Switch

  10. The newly created secret will appear alphabetically in the list. From the dropdown menu a variety of functions maybe peformed, such as deleting and viewing details.

    Figure 6: Secrets List

    Secrets List

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