Operations Manager
  • 28 Jun 2023
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Operations Manager

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Article summary

Breaking Changes (2023.1)

The following breaking changes affect Operations Manager in version 2023.1 of Itential Automation Platform (IAP).

Changes to Auto-Work Behavior

The Continue Auto-Work modal has been removed. Any status information that was provided by the modal is now communicated via informational toasts. This enables Auto-Work to run in the background until an actionable task becomes available, at which point a Task Details modal is displayed.

Figure 1: Auto-Work is Still Running


Once initiated, Auto-Work will continue to run until it is stopped, the job is completed, or the Job Details view is closed.

Figure 2: Auto-Work Has Stopped Running


Changes to the Job Details View

To support the improved Auto-Work feature, the Job Details view has been changed in the following ways (labeled in Figure 3):

Label Change
1 Users can now resize or maximize the Job Details panel.
2 The Error History button has been moved to the title bar.
3 The Auto-Work button has been moved to the right-hand side of the Job Details panel. Additionally, the visual design of the button has been changed; the play and pause icons have been replaced with the words "Start" and "Stop", respectively.
4 The Show All Actionable Tasks switch now additionally displays the actionable tasks of any child jobs, regardless of nesting depth.

Figure 3: Updated Job Details View


ⓘ Note:

Operations Manager can be configured to maximize the Job Details panel by default. To do this, use Admin Essentials to enable the maximizeJobTasksOnLoad property of the Operations Manager application. Refer to Feature Flag Added to Operations Manager for more detail.

Changes to Task Details Modals

The View Job button has been removed from Task Details modals. Additionally, Task Details modals now display child job hierarchy via breadcrumb trails.

Figure 4: Task Details Modal


Changes to the Actionable Tasks Table

The Actionable Tasks table view now displays child job hierarchy via breadcrumb trails.

Figure 5: Actionable Tasks Table


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