About This Release
  • 06 Oct 2023
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About This Release

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2023.1.0 Feature Release

The 2023.1 feature release is here! This version brings many exciting improvements to IAP and IAG, but also removes some deprecated features. Visit the Deprecations guide to see what is scheduled for removal in IAP 2023.1, and be sure to check out Itential's showcase video and media resources.

Automation Platform (IAP)

Itential added new features and made significant improvements to IAP with the 2023.1 release. Some of the feature highlights include:

• Packaged IAP as a container image to simplify deployment and configuration by a broad range of container management tools.
• Enabled Service Accounts to support northbound access to IAP and provide OAuth2 client credential support for external apps to connect to IAP.
• Integrations can now authorize themselves to 3rd party applications using OAuth2 grant flows.
• IAP’s Swagger document is now available as a fully compliant OpenAPI 3.1 document. Users have a “try it out” feature to directly test IAP APIs using their login session credentials.
• IAP core changes have been made to further simplify deploying blue-green architectures.
• Certification for IAP 2023.1 to run on Red Hat 8, Red Hat 9, Rocky 8 and Rocky 9 operating systems.

Admin Essentials

Admin Essentials is now a UI-only application. As such, it no longer has a corresponding service configuration. If you see a service configuration for “AdminEssentials” (IAP → Admin Essentials → Applications), you most likely have an improper installation. Please ensure the migration scripts were run properly during the upgrade process.

Automation Studio

• Introduces a new Automation Studio canvas that blends the modernization of the Gen 2 canvas but retains the functionality of the Gen 1 canvas.
• The new canvas experience can handle existing Gen 1 and Gen 2 workflows with no migration required

Lifecycle Manager

• IAP’s newest application, Lifecycle Manager, allows customers to model their network and services as a combination of structured properties and workflow actions.
• With Lifecycle Manager, customers can define resource models and create instances for assets in a network and then track changes to those assets throughout their lifecycle.

Configuration Manager

• A new capability to use device groups in Configuration Manager in the same manner as individual devices, including association with Golden. Configuration nodes with compliance run against an entire group.
• JSON Compliance improvements will enforce compliance for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), allowing users to identify configuration violations and simplify the handling of JSON configurations.

Showcase Video

Login to Itential Academy to watch a short, simple course video on the latest updates in this feature release.


Itential Resources

If you'd like to see more product features in action, or discover more about IAP for network automation, be sure to visit:

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