Stage 5: IAG Migration
  • 29 Nov 2022
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Stage 5: IAG Migration

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Article Summary

Upgrade Itential Automation Gateway (IAG) and Ansible versions to align with the upgraded IAP version.


Check Release Notes for compatibility versions and dependencies.

  1. Launch Automation Gateway and audit (confirm) if you are able to view existing Scripts, Modules, Playbooks and Collections.

  2. From Automation Studio in IAP, refresh all AG Manager-Ansible tasks (i.e., modules/roles/playbooks).

    • Run a workflow with the undiscoverAll task.
    • Restart the Automation Gateway adapter.
  3. Run the following migration scripts from IAP.





    node migration_scripts/migrateAGTasks.js


    node migration_scripts/migrateAGTasks_groups.js


    node migration_scripts/migrateScriptTasks.js
  4. ⚠ For automations containing Ansible tasks built prior to release 2020.2, run the following migration script. If a database backup exists, enter Y when prompted. Then verify the automations containing the Ansible tasks execute successfully.

   cd ./current/node_modules/@itential/app-ag_manager
   npm run ansibleAddGroups

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