Collection View
  • 28 Jun 2022
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Collection View

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Article Summary

The Collection view in Automation Studio displays a list of workflows, forms, templates and transformations deployed across a system. Open any accordion menu in the sidebar to display a corresponding list of items in a collection. To access the Collection card view inside Automation Studio, click the search icon (magnifying glass) in the top toolbar and a new dialog window opens.

Figure 1: Automations Accordian Menu

Card View

The Collection dialog displays all of the items in a collection as cards with timestamp and user information relevant to the collection item displayed within the card.

Figure 3: Collection View

Label UI Element Function
1 Collection Tabs Allows the user to switch to a different collection view.
2 Toolbar Icons (from left to right) for completing quick actions: Refresh, Import, Select All, Delete, and Export.
3 Search and Filter Use the search bar to search for items in the collection based on filter settings. Filter the results using the sort icon to the right of the search bar.
4 Sort and Sort By Use the icon to sort the items in the collection based on the selected field value in the dropdown (Name, Date Created, Last Modified, and Tags).
5 Select Click the button to select the item for deletion or export.
6 Card Options Click the icon (ellipsis) for additional card actions: Edit, Run, Clone, Delete and Export.
7 Pagination Used to show the total number of discrete pages and to page through a collection. Also used to set how many items to show if there are too many in a collection.

Card Options

When you click the ellipsis icon in the lower-right corner of a card, a new dialog opens that allows you to edit metadata, run an imported item, copy (clone) a selected item, remove (delete) an item, or select an item to export.

Figure 4: Card Menu Options

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