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IAP should be configured to use only one of four different authentication methods.

  • LDAP
  • Azure AD
  • Radius
  • Local AAA (Lab and Development environments)


Verify the LDAP user is connected to the LDAP server and that a connection to AD (Active Directory) can be made.

Run ldapsearch to verify the IP address of the LDAP Server, Port Number, Base DN, Username, Domain, Password, and Common Name.

ldapsearch -H ldaps://<IP Address of LDAP Server>:<Port> -b '<Base DN>' -D <UserName>@<Domain> -w '<Password>' cn='<Common Name>' -s sub -x

For more information on LDAP connections and configuration, please see LDAP Adapter.

Azure AD

Verify that Azure AD has been set up ad configured properly. Double-check the Name, Supported Account Types, and Redirect URL.

For more information on Azure AD set up and configuration, please see Azure Adapter.


Verify that RADIUS is configured properly. For more information on RADIUS, please see RADIUS Adapter.

Local AAA

The Local AAA adapter may be used in lab and development environments to locally authenticate users against a MongoDB collection inside the local AAA database.

Make sure your configuration and credentials are correct and that the Local AAA is connected to the database.

For more information on Local AAA, please see Local AAA Adapter.

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