Actionable Tasks
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Actionable Tasks

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Within Operations Manager, you can directly view and work with tasks that require manual intervention from the Actionable Tasks tab view on the main dashboard.


For information related to job and task search APIs, see the Operations Manager Developer guide.

Actionable Tasks

Tasks displayed in the Actionable Tasks view (Figure 1) are classified as one of the following:

  • A workable task that must be completed manually.
  • A retryable task (defined as retryable in the workflow) that failed or errored and requires manual intervention.

Figure 1: Actionable Tasks


Visibility in the Actionable Tasks view is limited to a list of running tasks the user is authorized to claim. From this view, you can search for actionable tasks by:

  • Task Summary, Task Description, or Task ID
    • Task Summary is displayed by default; cycle through the options using the arrow buttons located to the right of the column header (Figure 2).
  • Job Name, Job Description, or Job ID
    • Job Name is displayed by default; cycle through the options using the arrow buttons located to the right of the column header (Figure 2).
  • Assignee
  • Start Date/Time

Figure 2: Actionable Tasks Column Header Buttons

Tasks in the Actionable Tasks view are listed in table format by row. To interact with an actionable task, click the Work or Retry button at the end of the applicable row to open the Task Details modal (Figure 2). Click the dropdown arrow on the right-hand side of the modal to display task details, including Job Name, Job ID, and a Task Description. If needed, you can also resize the Task Details modal using the size control button located in the upper right-hand corner of the modal. Click Cancel to close the modal.

Figure 3: Task Details Modal


Workable Task Details

From the Task Details modal of a workable task, the user is required to acknowledge the contents and functions of the task itself (Figure 3) before the task is completed and the workflow continues.

Figure 4: Workable Task Details


To open the Job Details dialog (in Jobs) and display a visual workflow in which the currently running task will be outlined in blue (Figure 4), click the View Context button.

Figure 5: Running Workable Task in Job Details


Retryable Task Details

The Task Details modal of a retryable task displays a list of Inputs. The input fields available in the modal are dependent on the inputs available to the task itself. To retry the task without changing any input values, click the Retry Same Inputs button (Figure 5).

Figure 6: Retryable Task Details


If the value of an input field is altered with a new input, the button automatically changes to Retry New Inputs. Once all the new inputs have been entered into the relevant fields, click the Retry New Inputs button to retry the task with the new input values. To undo any changes to an altered field, click the Reset Value button () located to the right of the relevant field name.

Click the Continue Job button to continue the workflow without retrying the task.

Click Cancel to close the Task Details modal, or click the View Context button to open the Job Details dialog (in Jobs) and display a visual workflow in which the currently running task will be outlined in red (Figure 6).

Figure 7: Running Retryable Task in Job Details


Working With Actionable Tasks in Jobs

From the Job Details view in Jobs (Figure 7), you can work with or view the Actionable Tasks for a given job by clicking the Menu button (stacked dots) of the relevant task. Additionally, you can click the task name to display a Task Details modal.


The options that are presented when clicking the Menu button of a task differ depending on the type of task that you are interacting with, the status of that task, and the overall status of the associated job.

Figure 8: Actionable Task in Jobs


When you click the Work menu option for a task, you will claim the task and it becomes unavailable for others to work or retry. Once you claim a task, your username will display under the Assignee column of that task.

When you click the View menu option, a slider panel (Figure 8) will be displayed in the Job Properties pane, providing access to the following tabs:

  • Actions, which displays a menu of actions that can be taken for the current task, such as Work or Retry.
  • Variables, which displays the incoming and outgoing variables of the task.
  • Details, which displays the basic properties of the task, such as task status, name, and summary.

To return to the Job Properties view, click the left arrow of the panel.

Figure 9: Task Details



A user can only work or retry a task they have claimed or created. The task will need to be released or reassigned before other users can work or retry it.

Further Reading

Actionable tasks are directly related to the tasks in the associated workflow. For further information, such as how a task can be marked as retryable, refer to the Automation Builder in IAP section.

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