Automation Studio

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Automation Studio provides an all-in-one interface to view and modify automations, forms, and various templates.

General Overview

Label UI Element Function
1 Collection button Advance view of the documents.
2 Collection preview List of documents in the active tab's collection.
3 Section tab Expands a new section in the sidebar.
4 Sidebar controls Allows for compact and extended views of the sidebar. Helpful when more room is needed for displaying content or exploring the sidebar.


Label UI Element Function
5 Toolbar actions Allows for various batch actions to be performed.
6 Search documents Provide a search to return documents that contain the keywords.
7 Sort documents Toggles the results alphabetically.
8 Create button Creates a new item (in this example, a new automation).
9 Select button Allows for individual selection of multiple items. See (5) Toolbar actions.
10 More options Allows additional action to be taken on the item. Note: Selecting the title will show the 'edit' view.
11 Pagination toolbar View and modify pagination data. Displays the total result count on the far right side.