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The transformation task allows the user to run a JSON Schema Transformation (JST) that has already been loaded into the system. A JST is used to transform data from one set of JSON Schemas to another set of JSON Schemas.

Blank Transformation

Creating a transformation in the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) using the API will require a unique name. This "name" is used when configuring the transformation task (see the Properties section below for more information). The user must populate the Transformation Name field with the "name" provided via the Create API (POST /transformations) or with the Search API (GET /transformations) and then click the corresponding name from the dropdown list. If the transformation in question does not contain a "name", then the "id" value can also be used. At this point, the Incoming Schema(s) section will be discovered and rendered from the transformation.

Matched Transformation


Task properties are listed in the table below.

Name Description
Transformation Name This is the name of the transformation in the database. The name can be found by searching for a transformation using the Search API or from the "name" key in the response of the Create API.
Incoming Schema(s) The incoming JSON Schemas associated with the transformation. Each of these schemas require a data binding from either a previous task, job variable, or a static value. Each JST has a different (but not necessarily unique) set of incoming schemas.


Name Description
extractOutput This option extracts the output value if the transformation only has one outgoing JSON Schema. For example, a transformation with a single outgoing schema having an "$id" of "fruit" would normally respond as follows: { "fruit": "apple" }, but with the extractOutput option, the response would just be "apple".

Transformation API Endpoints

Referenced in the table below are the API endpoints associated with the transformation task.

API Endpoint Description Route
searchTransformations Search for transformation documents. GET/transformations
getTransformation Gets a transformation document by ID. GET/transformations/:id
createTransformation Creates a single transformation POST/transformations
updateTransformation Updates a single transformation. PUT/transformations/:id
deleteTransformation Deletes a single transformation document. DELETE/transformations/:id
runTransformation Runs a transformation. POST/transformations/:id
importTransformation Imports a single transformation. POST/transformations/import