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toLowerCase (string)


The toLowerCase task converts all the characters of an input string to lowercase. This task does not affect any characters that are already in lowercase.

Potential Use Case

This task returns a new string in which all the characters are converted to lowercase. You could potentially use this method if a southbound database required a specific field to have all lowercase characters.


Incoming Type Description
str String Required. The string that contains the characters to convert to lowercase.

Outgoing Type Description
lowercaseString String A new string that represents str converted to lowercase characters.


Example 1

In this IAP example:

  • The incoming variable for str is provided by the output of the NewVariable:myVariable reference task, which is located in another workflow.

  • The reference variable provided by the reference task is value, which would be a string containing uppercase characters (e.g.,"Itential, LLC").

  • With this example, the string value is converted to lowercase characters and the lowercaseString output should read as "itential, llc".