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The repeat task is used to copy a string a specified number of times. A new string is constructed from the original string containing the specified number of copies concatenated together.

Potential Use Case

Suppose you have a name in a list, and you need to fill out predefined spaces with the same name. You could use this task to repeat the name as required.


Input and output parameters are shown below.

Incoming Type Description
str String Required. The string to copy.
count Number Required. The number of times to repeat (copy) the string.

Outgoing Type Description
repeatedString String A new string containing the specified number of copies of the given string.


In this example, the incoming Reference variable is "Hello World" and the count number is "2", which means the task will return a repeated copy of the str variable two times.


The result of this task creates a new string that has been repeated the desired number of times; essentially the original str followed by a repeated copy of itself: Hello WorldHello World.