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The match task is used to find Regex (regular expression) matches in a string and returns the matches as an array.

Potential Use Case

Suppose you have a dataset and you want to find and retrieve a certain character or number. You can use the match task to search, retrieve and display all matches that contain an occurrence of the Regex.


Input and output parameters are shown below.

Incoming Type Description
str String Required. The string to search.
regExp String Required. The regular expression to match.
flags String Indicates the flags to include. For a list of available flags, refer to the Regular Expressions guide on the MDN docs site.

Outgoing Type Description
matches Array Returns an array of the match results. If the regular expression does not include the g flag (to perform a Global Search), the task will return only the first match in the string. If no match is found, then 'null' is returned.


In this example the str Reference variable to search are the words Hello World.

The regExp expression to match is the character /o/, and the flags variable is set to g, which is a Global Search of the entire string.


The result that returns from this task will show the matched characters in the expression that was searched. There are two letter "o" characters in the words Hello World and both will be displayed in the matches variable as ["o","o"].