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The delay task pauses a job for a specified number of seconds. Some jobs require a delay to allow for network convergence, database commits, or other external system processing.


Incoming Description
time (required) Specify the length of time in seconds to pause a job. Hover the cursor over the information icon to see a tool tip help message. The value can come from a job variable, a static value, or an earlier task's outgoing variable. If the reference task is a job variable or earlier task, the reference variable shows a dropdown of available variable names for selection. If the reference task is static, the reference variable becomes a text edit box where we can type the number of seconds to delay.

Outgoing Description
time_in_milliseconds The delay task converts incoming variable time to milliseconds and assigns the value to outgoing variable time_in_milliseconds. You may create a job variable from time_in_milliseconds. The immutable outgoing variable time_in_milliseconds remains, and a new mutable job variable is created. When creating a job variable, provide a new name to avoid name conflicts and provide clarity.