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Current Operations UI

The main user interface (UI) for Admin Essentials | Current Operations is described below. Users can see all running jobs and tasks through the Active Jobs and Running Tasks dialog views, respectively. Please note that available views, features, and interactions in the UI can be limited based on user permissions.

Active Jobs

From the Active Jobs view on the Current Operations page, you can see all active running jobs. When this view of the page is open, the page refreshes automatically every 60 seconds.

Current Operations Jobs

Label UI Element Function
1 Task Worker Switch Use this toggle to suspend/restart tasks in the Workflow Engine.
2 View Control Users can switch between Active Jobs or Running Tasks views.
3 Refresh Server Info Use this button to manually refresh the current server identification number.
4 Search and Filter Use the search bar to search for items in the collection based on filter settings. Filter the results using the icon to the left of the search bar.
5 Sort and Sort By Use the icon to sort the items in the collection based on the selected value in the dropdown.
6 Job Name Click the job name on the card to open the Job Details page.
7 Tasks Button If there are running tasks in the job, this button will appear. Click the button to switch to the Task view.
8 Job Actions Hover over the icon to show a job action (i.e., pause or cancel).
9 Paging Used to show the total number of discrete pages and to page through a collection. Also used to set how many items to show if there are too many in a collection.

Running Tasks

The Running Tasks view shows all running tasks. When tasks are suspended (via the Task Worker Switch), a warning banner will display that lets the user know how many tasks are currently running.

Current Operations Tasks

Label UI Element Function
1 Server Switch Use this toggle to show the running tasks in all servers, or just the current server.
2 Job Name Click the job name in the grid to open the Job Details page.