Breaking Changes

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Adapter Local AAA

BREAKING CHANGE for 2020.1.2 - 2020.1.9/2020.2.0/2020.2.1 -> 2021.1

The following are breaking changes for the 2021.1 release.

API Removal

The table below shows a list of APIs that have been removed from the Local AAA adapter. This list represents all APIs removed in the 2021.1 release.

What should I do?

Review any custom apps and adapters that might reference any APIs in the list below and remove them. Our deprecation process typically prevents breaking changes between maintenance releases. This is an exception as these specific calls were used for a unique scenario and never exposed to our customer base. Thus, we do not expect anyone is using them; however, in case they were accidentally discovered, we are mentioning them here with a directive to remove them.

Removed APIs

API Description Deprecation Release Actual Removal Release Replacement
addUser Exposed as a task to add a new user to Local AAA. None 2021.1 None
changePassword Exposed as a task to update the password of a user. None 2021.1 None
getGroups Exposed as a task to get all Local AAA Groups. None 2021.1 None