What's New in IAG
  • 14 Aug 2023
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What's New in IAG

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Article Summary

This page contains information for the new features, improvements, and fixes completed within Itential Automation Gateway (IAG), as well as any new announcements or information that coincide as part of this release.

IAG Release Notes (2023.2.0)

Here's an overview of how IAG has been improved:

  • IAG to end Install of Python packages for optional integrations. See the Release Alert below.
  • Added support to run scripts in multiple Python Virtual Environments (VENV).
  • Added GRPC support (gNMI/gNOI).
  • Added database encryption of passwords in IAG inventories.

IAG Release Alert

Install of Python packages has been discontinued. Please see the section below for more detail.

IAG to End Install of Python Packages for Optional Integrations (2023.2.0)

Effective in the 2023.2 release, IAG will no longer install Python packages needed for the following optional integrations:

• Hashicorp Vault
• Netconf
• Netmiko
• Nornir

What does this mean for customers?

If one of the above integrations is enabled in a new install of IAG and a user has not installed the proper package, the server will not start and will present the user with an error message. To enable the integration, the user will need to install the proper python packages within the Virtual Environment (VENV) that IAG is running in. For more detail, refer to Python Packages for Optional Integrations in the RHEL 8 Full Installation Method.

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