What's New in IAG
  • 22 Mar 2023
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What's New in IAG

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Article Summary

This page contains information for the new features, improvements, and fixes completed within Itential Automation Gateway (IAG), as well as any new announcements or information that coincide as part of this release.

IAG Release Notes (2023.1.0)

Here's an overview of how IAG has been improved:

  • Added a metadata description field to the GUI for Playbooks, Roles and Scripts. All metadata is saved to the IAG database.
  • Added an API for retrieving OpenAPI specifications in Itential Automation Gateway.
  • Implemented support for SSL settings in the built-in Gunicorn web server to enable HTTPS. Also added Unix-style socket binding to support address binding.
  • Added support for:
    • Ansible Core 2.13 and Community 6.x
    • Ansible Core 2.14 and Community 7.x
  • Updated support for Netmiko to 4.1.2.
  • Updated support for Terraform to 1.2.9.
  • Implemented support for customer control over sensitive value logging​.
  • Updated the usability of extensible device and system support.

Important Notice:

Effective in the 2023.1 release of IAG, manual certification of Ansible Modules and Collections will end. Please see the section below for more detail.

Itential Automation Gateway to End Practice of Ansible Module Certification

With the 2023.1 release of Itential Automation Gateway, Itential will end the practice of performing manual certification of Ansible modules and collections.

Itential introduced this practice in IAG release 2018.3 to address issues with the quality of the Ansible community modules used by many of our customers. In several cases, the community-produced modules and collections lacked sufficient or accurate documentation, such as variables declared in documentation that did not match the types expected in the modules themselves. These mismatches were corrected by Itential as part of the Ansible Module Certification.

In recent years, the content quality for community-produced modules and collections has reached sufficient levels that Itential’s practice of certification is no longer required.

What does this mean for customers?

This change will have little to no impact for Itential customers executing automations. Itential is still committed to verifying that Itential Automation Gateway leverages the capabilities of the Ansible core libraries to ensure correct integration with Ansible. As of Ansible Core version 2.12, all community-produced modules and collections have been removed from the Ansible Core packages and maintained in a separate Ansible Community space.

➤ Please refer to the official Ansible documentation for Collections in the Community Namespace / Community.General.

Customers who configured the Itential Automation Gateway adapter to show only certified modules and playbooks must turn this flag off if they wish to use Ansible playbooks, modules, and collections from Ansible Core 2.12+ and Ansible Community 5+ in Automation Studio. Customers using modules certified for Ansible Core 2.9 and Ansible Core 2.10 can continue to apply the certification filtering flag.

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