Using Prebuilts in IAP
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Using Prebuilts in IAP

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Pre-builts allow developers to accelerate execution of network automation use cases within IAP (Itential Automation Platform). More specifically, pre-builts combine the abilities of multiple components that live within IAP. As such, a pre-built can be comprised of the following component types:

  • Automation Catalog
  • Automations (Operations Manager)
  • Form
  • JSON Forms
  • Integrations
  • Integration Models
  • Command Template (MOP)
  • Analytic Template (MOP)
  • Service Catalog
  • Template
  • Transformation
  • Triggers (Operations Manager)
  • Workflow

Each of these components serves a specific role to help various network use cases. You can read more about each component in their respective product documentation guides on


The following terms apply to the use of pre-builts in Admin Essentials.

Term Description
Pre-built A pre-built automation uses other IAP components to execute a certain network use case.
Component A component is a building block of a pre-built. Each component helps serve as a tool in a network automation use case.
IAP Dependency An IAP dependency is an application or adapter that is required by the pre-built to be in the current IAP environment for the pre-built to function properly.

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