Using Command Templates
  • 18 Jun 2022
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Using Command Templates

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Article Summary

Command Templates are run-time templates that actively pass commands to a list of specified devices during their runtime. After all responses are collected, the output set is evaluated against a set of defined rules. These executed templates are referred to as Pre and Post steps, which are typically separated by a procedure (router upgrade, service migration, etc.).


At this time, no prerequisites are required.

Using Command Templates

With the Command Template designer, you can execute commands on physical devices to see the actual response and rules evaluation.

  1. Navigate to IAP → Automation Studio → Command Templates.
  2. Click the plus (+) icon in the top menu to create a new template. The Create dialog opens.

01_open_create_dialog (1)

  1. Select Command Template from the dropdown menu. Next, enter a template name.
  2. Click Create. The Command Template form displays.

11_createTemplate (1)

  1. Enter the device name in the search field (upper right) to select a device.


  1. Add the relevant command variables and rules. For more information, see the sections on Command Template Variables and Defining Command Template Rules in the following pages.

    • Click Add Command to add a new command.
    • Click Add Rule to add a new rule to a command.
    • Click the trashcan icon next to either a rule or command to delete.


  1. Click Test This Command for a single command or Test All Commands to test all the commands at once. After evaluating the test output, rules will be marked with either a green check mark (passed) 13_greenCheck or red minus sign (failed) 14_redDash. The device response will appear at the bottom of the screen in the Test results.


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