User Permissions for Event Deduplication
  • 05 Jul 2022
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User Permissions for Event Deduplication

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Article Summary

This article provides guidance on the RabbitMQ permissions required to use the event deduplication feature. Event deduplication does not require an administrator account to RabbitMQ. IAP clients can use an account tagged as a monitoring account.

  1. Login to the RabbitMQ dashboard as Admin, and create a new user with the monitoring tag.

    Figure 1: RabbitMQ User Dashboard

  2. Select the newly created user to display the Permissions page.

  3. Add the virtual host that IAP will be using, and click Set permission.

    Figure 2: Set Permissions

  4. Login to IAP and navigate to Admin EssentialsProfiles.

  5. Select the active profile from the sidebar and click the Configure tab.

  6. Use Edit Profile Properties to change the IAP Profile config to use the new RabbitMQ account.

  7. Click Save to retain your changes.


Refer to RabbitMQ Access and Permissions for more detail on the RabbitMQ Management UI.

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