• 21 Jun 2022
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Article Summary

updatejobDescription Purpose

The updateJobDescription task allows you to update the job's description while the job is running. Job descriptions provide useful information for running, completed, and canceled jobs (example: customer name or job intent). Job descriptions are shown in Active Jobs, Jobs (Operations Manager), and Active Tasks applications where listed jobs can be filtered or sorted by their descriptions. When jobs start, they are passed an optional job description. This description can be edited when you manually start a job.

You can also pass a description in a REST API's POST body; however, some information isn't available when the job begins. For example, a customer may need the job description to include service instance details learned in the course of the job.


Incoming Description
Select the appropriate reference task then either select a reference variable or type a new description (for a static value).


Outgoing Description
description Use this immutable variable or create a job variable. Note: Other tasks cannot directly access job descriptions, but the new description can be read from updateJobDescription's outgoing variable.

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