Stage 2: Staging
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Stage 2: Staging

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Complete these steps to prepare (stage) the IAP upgrade.

  1. Run the following command.

    sudo bash <itential-iap_version.bin> - p
  2. Confirm the upgrade path.

    ls -ltr /opt/pronghorn
  3. Audit all symlinks (links to files that contain a reference to another file or directory) to custom apps, adapters and the current upgrade path.

  4. Run this curl command to check dependencies and capture current status.

    curl -s http://<server>:port/status
  5. Start the IAP Server.

  6. Access the Admin Essentials application to confirm TaskWorker is in a Paused state.

    Figure 1: Task Execution Paused


  7. Audit user and group permissions for the upgrade path you chose.

    • From 2020.1.x or higher, go to Admin EssentialsAuthorization Manager and set permissions for APP-JST.

      Figure 2: Set APP-JST Permissions
  8. Migrate the workflow and transformation collections using a bulk export/import.

  9. Restore the TaskWorker default properties to activate TaskWorker in a Running state during IAP restart.

    workFlowEngine Service Config properties - “activate”: true
    properties.json file [ “processTasksOnStart” : true ]
  10. Complete a sanity check.

    • Audit authorization permissions and groups.
    • Audit workflows and jobs prior to resuming task execution.
    • Audit transformations to check upgrade version and options.

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