Security Rule Creation (Panorama) - Overview
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Security Rule Creation (Panorama) - Overview

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Welcome to the Panorama Security Rule use case walkthrough.  Our use case is going to center around creating a firewall rule leveraging Panorama, Palo Alto's firewall controller.  The steps for this use case walkthrough are also available in Itential Academy in an e-learning format. Click the link below to access it:

Itential Cloud Walk-Through - Panorama Security Rule

The use cases outlined within this section are intended to be completed on Itential's Trial infrastructure and lab. For more details about accessing this infrastructure and lab, please visit


We’ve included this slide in case your team has another vendor for firewalls, as some vendors use different terminology for similar concepts.

Use Case Overview

A basic overview of the use case can be found on the left-hand side of the slide below. The automation is designed and kicks off in the Itential Automation Platform (IAP).  Below IAP is an instance of Panorama, our firewall controller. IAP communicates with Panorama via REST API leveraging Itential's open source Adapter, available within our Pre-Built Collection. The Panorama controller subsequently communicates  with the Palo Alto firewalls in the network. 

To the right are the high-level steps. The automation will: 

  • Gather data in a form
  • Perform a Pre-Check on the controller with the data provided in the form to verify the Security Rule does not already exist
  • Provision the controller
  • Perform a Post-Check on the controller to verify if the provisioning was successful


Walkthrough Steps

The follow on articles will take you step by step, through the Panorama Security Rule use case. These include:

  1. Security Rule Creation (Panorama) - JSON Form
  2. Security Rule Creation (Panorama) - Transformation
  3. Security Rule Creation (Panorama) - Workflow
  4. Security Rule Creation (Panorama) - Operations Manager

The instructions are downloadable by clicking the PDF icon in the upper right of each page.

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