Roles, Modules & Playbooks
  • 10 Mar 2023
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Roles, Modules & Playbooks

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Automation Gateway aggregates all of your Ansible modules, roles, and playbooks. Along with this attribute is the ability to decorate or enhance each module, role, and playbook. With decoration, users have the flexibility to edit JSON schemas for identifying and modifying metadata such as input parameters, descriptions, or types. Decoration is currently stored in the database.

  1. Log in to Automation Gateway. The main page displays.
  2. Click the appropriate group (Module, Roles, and Playbooks) from the left navigation menu. The navigation tree expands to display a family of configurable items in your Ansible deployment.
  3. Click the accordian arrow to expand the family, or select a card from the main canvas.
  4. From the card view, click the "eye" icon to display details for the selected item such as required parameters and other inputs.
  5. Click the Edit icon to display the metadata file (JSON schema).
  6. Modify the metadata file properties, as needed.
  7. Click Cancel to exit the file; changes will not be saved.
  8. Click Save to apply your changes.

Figure 1: Main Canvas

Figure 2: Edit Metadata Properties

Figure 3: Cancel or Save Changes

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