Quick Start View
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Quick Start View

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Automation Studio provides an all-in-one user interface to quickly design and build workflows for network operations and configurations. The application also allows you to view workflow visualizations and modify automations, forms, and various templates.

To access the application, select Automation Studio in the left navbar from the IAP homepage and the main Quick Start page for Automation Studio will display.

Figure 1: IAP Homepage

Quick Start

From the Quick Start view in Automation Studio, you can search for an existing workflow, as well as create a new workflow and import a workflow. In the left navbar there are toolbar and menu controls to view a collection list of workflows, forms, templates, and transformations.

Figure 2: Automation Studio Quick Start

Label UI Element Function
1 Quick Start Contains links to important tools within Automation Studio such as finding a workflow, creating and importing a workflow, and searching IAP product documentation.
2 Toolbar Icons for completing quick actions from anywhere within Automation Studio. These icons (from left to right) are: Create, IAP homepage, Search, Import, and View Documentation.
3 Collections Open the accordion menus in the sidebar to display a list of Automation Studio items in a corresponding collection. Users can also search for items within a collection.
4 Sidebar Controls Allows for compact and extended views of the sidebar. Helpful when more room is needed for displaying content or exploring the sidebar.

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