Privileged User Access
  • 19 Jul 2022
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Privileged User Access

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Article Summary

During installation, various config files, paths, and system resources may need to be modified. Thus, installation of Itential software will require temporary root access via sudo. This temporary root access is only required during new installations and major upgrades if using the installer.bin method. Temporary root access post-installation can be replaced with a limited set of sudo commands as listed below. To run sudo as a root user, it is recommended that Itential admins have privileged user account access for updating configuration files. Since those files are owned by the application user, admins will need to switch as a different user, which provides the necessary security privileges to upgrade and configure IAP.

This command lets you switch as an <itential> application user to view/edit configuration and log files.

sudo su - itential

The following is a list of recommended post-installation sudo commands using pronghorn for IAP:

/bin/systemctl start pronghorn.service
/bin/systemctl stop pronghorn.service
/bin/systemctl restart pronghorn.service
/bin/systemctl enable pronghorn.service
/bin/systemctl disable pronghorn.service
/bin/journalctl * pronghorn.service

You will want to replace pronghorn with the service you want to control such as automation-platform, automation_gateway, mongod, redis, or rabbitmq-server. Keep in mind these commands are only the basic sudo commands a user might need, along with the command that provides the ability to switch as an <itential> user for editing configuration files.

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