Prerequisite Checklist
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Prerequisite Checklist

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Article Summary

When you are running automations in production, it is important to know that your system is available and responsive.

  1. Verify that RAM and CPU meet the recommended specifications. Add more memory if required to improve the overall RAM usage.

  2. Make sure dependencies have been installed with recommended versions (RabbitMQ, Redis, MongoDB, etc.).

  3. Check Release Notes for the latest Maintenance Release to view any changes or updates that may have occurred.

  4. Check the status of all dependencies (RabbitMQ, Redis, and MongoDB) using the status commands below:

    systemctl status mongod.service
    systemctl status rabbitmq-server
    systemctl status redis
  5. If the dependencies have not started, use the commands below to start them:

    systemctl start mongod.service
    systemctl start rabbitmq-server
    systemctl start redis
  6. Check to make sure the status of the pronghorn service is up. If not, use this start command:

    systemctl start pronghorn
  7. To check the local host status, the most common link used will be the domain name followed by status:

    https://(your domain)/status
  8. Check for any zombie or stalled process related to IAP using this command:

    ps -ef|grep Z
  9. Kill any zombie processes found and then restart the service.

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