Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Summary
  • 15 Mar 2023
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Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) - Summary

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Article Summary


Congratulations! You have now completed the Port/VLAN Configuration (EOS) use case. 

In summary, you created:

  • A Command Template that executes the command on a target device 
  • A Form that a user would complete in order to provide the automation with data
  • A Transformation that modified the data submitted to the form and ensured that it was in the format that the Pre-Built workflow expected
  • A Workflow that included the Transformation and a Pre-Built workflow that was called as a Child Job
  • An Operations Manager Automation that linked our Form and Workflow with a Trigger to kick off the automation

While building our use case, you also learned about where certain functionality is housed in the Platform. For example:

  • You navigated to Configuration Manager to view your federated device inventory and confirm configuration on the target device
  • You created a Command Template, Form and Transformation as well as designed a workflow to define the sequential business logic within Automation Studio 
  • You drew it all together with an Automation within Operations Manager to expose the final product to other users with a simple interface that defines how the workflow will be triggered 

The result of your exercises was an automation that allowed the user to configure a port/VLAN on a target device without needing to log into the device without having direct access to the device and was accomplished in a matter of seconds/minutes. 

Thank you for completing this use case. If you are interested in doing more, please see the navigation panel to access the other use cases available within your Trial Itential Automation Platform instance. 

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