Migrate Transformations
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Migrate Transformations

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Migration Procedure for Transformations After IAP Upgrade

This guide covers how to migrate a JSON Schema Transformation (JST) after upgrading Itential Automation Platform (IAP) to the most current available version.


Before upgrading IAP it is imperative that the database be backed up. The backup is best performed using the mongodbdump utility, which creates a binary export of the database contents. The instructions for using the mongodump utility can be found in the mongodump documentation.

Upgrading IAP

The procedure for upgrading IAP can be found on the Itential document repository. Click the link to access the documentation: IAP Upgrade Docs.

Make sure to verify that all the correct dependency packages have been installed. The correct versions are listed in the Version Verification section of the upgrading procedures guide.

Importing Transformations to Upgraded IAP

Importing transformations is actually a two-step process. First you will need to export your JST. Once the export file is saved you can import the JST back into the upgraded version of IAP.

Export and Save the JST

From the IAP home page:

  1. Click Admin Essentials in the left navbar.

    Figure 1: IAP Welcome Screen


  1. Select Authorization in the Quick Start card.

    Figure 2: Admin Essentials Authorization


  1. Set permissions in Authorization Manager for the application to APP-JST.

    Figure 3: Set Permissions


  1. Go to IAP → Automation Studio → Transformations.

    Figure 4: Navigate to Transformations


  1. Search for the transformation to be downloaded.

    Figure 5: Locate Transformation


  1. Export the JST using the JST Designer. Click the Download arrow.

    Figure 6: Download JST


  1. Select the Save File radio button to save the downloaded JST (the default location is Downloads) and click OK.

    Figure 7: Save JST


  1. Verify the location of the saved file.

    Figure 8: Verify JST Location


Import the Saved JST

To import the saved transformation:

  1. Click Import Automation from the Automation Studio page.

    Figure 9: Import Automation


  1. Select Transformation from the dropdown menu and click the Import button.

    Figure 10: Select Transformation


  1. Click the Chose New File icon.

    Figure 11: Select Transformation File


  1. Navigate to the JST to be imported. Click Open to upload the JST file.

    Figure 12: Locate JST


  1. Click the Import button.

    Figure 13: Import JST


  1. A success message will appear, indicating the JST was imported.

    Figure 14: Import Successful



If the import and update to existing fails, confirm the JST-ENGINE version from the MongoDB documentation.

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