Log File Retention & Severity Thresholds
  • 25 Aug 2022
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Log File Retention & Severity Thresholds

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Article Summary

Log File Retention

IAP provides native support for rotation of the pronghorn.log file. Administrators can define the total allocated storage for logs by configuring the maximum file size and maximum number of files. For example, if the maximum file size is 1 MB and the total number of files is 100, the total space consumed by pronghorn.log files will be 100 MB. Make sure the disk that holds the pronghorn logs contains enough space for IAP to exercise a full log rotation cycle.

Consider both IAP file logs and system logs when planning server storage requirements.

Severity Thresholds

Production environments should generally have the log_level set to warn or info. Debug, trace, and spam log levels will likely generate a large amount of log data and additional server load. Only configure production servers in debug mode at the request of Itential Support.

For systemd operating systems, the system journal manages console logging. The system journal may also contain application life cycle error messages that cannot be saved to the IAP file logs.

Temporal Severity Threshold Settings

Every IAP adapter and application inherits the system log and console severity thresholds when IAP starts. After IAP starts, every adapter and application can be optionally configured with local, temporal log and console severity thresholds. The temporal thresholds are reset to IAP global thresholds when IAP restarts.

  1. Navigate to Admin Essentials from the IAP homepage.
  2. Click Applications or Adapters from the left navbar to open the accordian menu.
  3. Select an application (or adapter) and then click the Logging tab to open the Log Settings view.
  4. Set the File Log level.
  5. Set the Console Log level.
  6. Click the Save icon to retain your changes. Click the reverse arrow icon to undo all changes.


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