Itential Cloud Portal Overview
  • 17 Aug 2023
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Itential Cloud Portal Overview

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Article Summary

Immediately after logging into your Itential Cloud account, you will be redirected to Itential Cloud Portal, a web-based user interface (UI) from which you can access and manage all aspects of your organization's Itential Cloud environment. Common use cases for Itential Cloud Portal include:

  • Launching or restarting your cloud-based Itential Automation Platform (IAP) instances.
  • Performing administrative actions that affect your organization's entire Itential Cloud environment.
  • Managing your Itential Cloud account.

Itential Cloud Portal User Interface

The main elements of the Itential Cloud Portal UI are referenced in Figure 1.

Label UI Element Function
1 Sidebar Displays icons used for navigation between pages in Itential Cloud Portal. The Instances page is selected by default.
2 Page Content Displays the content of the current page.
3 Menu Button Displays links to account management actions and user support resources.


The Sidebar also displays a link used to download Itential Automation Gateway (IAG).

Figure 1: Itential Cloud Portal UI


Itential Cloud Portal Pages

Itential Cloud Portal is divided into several pages according to functionality. The following table provides a brief description of each page and a link to its respective article.

Page Description
Instances Manage your cloud-based Itential Automation Platform (IAP) instances.
Members Perform administrative activities related to the Itential Cloud accounts associated with your organization.
Groups Delegate permissions to Itential Cloud accounts via group membership.
My Account Manage your own Itential Cloud account.

Getting Help & Support

Several links to support resources, such as user guides and training courses, are provided via the menu button at the upper-right corner of the Itential Cloud Portal UI. Upon selecting a link from the menu, you will be redirected to the relevant content in a new web browser tab.

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