IAP Upgrade Overview
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IAP Upgrade Overview

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This method of procedure (MOP) explains the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) upgrade process from version 2019.x.x and higher for on-premise software. Before you begin, please review the information in this guide in its entirety. All steps and activities must be completed for the upgrade process to succeed.

Upgrade Assistance

Before starting the upgrade process, contact your Itential Account Manager if you need assistance with:

  • Creating an upgrade strategy for your IAP environment.
  • Determining the appropriate upgrade path to follow.
  • Streamlining your upgrade planning process.

Upgrade Path by Version

To upgrade to the target version in the right column, you must be running the version in the left column.

Current Version Target Version
From To
2019.x.x 2020.1.x / 2020.2.x / 2021.1.x
2020.1.x 2020.2.x / 2021.1.x / 2021.2.x
2020.2.x 2021.1.x / 2021.2.x
2021.1.x 2021.2.x

Note: IAP release version 2020.1 reached end-of-support on April 25, 2022. Please refer to the IAP Version Lifecycle guide.

Method of Procedure

This MOP consists of five stages in the following order. Click the first link to begin. Each stage guides you into the next phase.

  1. Pre-Staging Checklist
  2. Staging the Upgrade
  3. Migration Process
  4. Post-Migration Checklist
  5. IAG Migration

Note: Deprecations, breaking changes, and release alerts to be aware of prior to upgrading IAP are discussed in Product Notices.


Refer to the Rollback guide to bring your system back to its original status, before running the upgrade. If you encounter any problems during rollback, please contact the Itential Service Desk.


Use the Common Errors guide to identify and resolve the more frequent errors you may encounter in the upgrade. If unable to resolve, please contact the Itential Service Desk.