Add a New Playbook
  • 06 Jun 2023
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Add a New Playbook

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Article Summary

New playbooks must be added first before they can be viewed in Automation Gateway.

Default Location to Add Playbooks

The default location for custom content to add a playbook is /usr/share/automation-gateway/ansible/playbooks , or you can customize the folder path and add it to the Configuration/Ansible/Playbook Paths array (Figure 1). Once a Playbook is copied or downloaded to a folder in the Playbook Paths array and the Playbooks in Automation Gateway are refreshed, it will display.

Figure 1: Default Playbook Location
01_Playbooks_2023_1 copy

Add a Playbook to Automation Gateway

Once a new playbook is added to Ansible, it can be added to Automation Gateway.

  1. Navigate to the API Documentation within Automation Gateway..
  2. Find and expand POST /playbooks/refresh.
  3. Click Try it out!
  4. Click Execute to re-sync the playbooks.
  5. Verify the response code. Response Code 200 indicates the retrieval was successful.
  6. Go back to the Playbooks section of Automation Gateway to view the newly added playbook.

Figure 2: Add Playbook

Figure 3: Playbook Response

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