How to Use Search in the New Canvas
  • 23 Jan 2024
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How to Use Search in the New Canvas

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Article Summary

Automation Builder supports searching the content of your automations through the Canvas Search function. The search icon (magnifying glass) for Canvas Search is located at the top-left of the main canvas.

Figure 1: Search Icon

Additionally, the Canvas Search function can be accessed by right-clicking the canvas and selecting Show Canvas Search on the palette menu or by using the keyboard shortcut “Q” .

Figure 2: Short Cuts

When you click the magnifying glass icon this will reveal the Search Palette, a panel similar to the Task Palette. The search field at the top will be followed by a list of tasks that are currently on the canvas.

Figure 3: Search Palette

Enter a search term in the "Search your canvas" field. The search function will query the task summary and task description to look for 3 words before and 3 words after the search term. Search terms will be highlighted at the bottom of each task they pertain to. Search Options can include: app, description, id, job variable, name, and summary.

To clear a search, delete the search term.

Searching for a task located in multiple places on the workflow will return as a list as well as bring each task into focus on the canvas, making it easier to find them in complex workflows.

Figure 4: Multiple Tasks

Clicking a task in the search list will select that specific task and center it on the canvas.

Figure 5: Selecting a Task

Double-clicking a task in the search list will select the task, center it, and open the task.

Figure 6: Double Clicking a Task

If there is more than 1 result from the search criteria that matches a task, an icon displaying the number of Other Results Not Shown will appear. There can be up to "+4" other results that are not shown.

Below, a search on the term "stub" has matched the Task Summary first, with the number of other results displayed in the lower-right of the "Stub" task, and has also matched the Description. Only one vertically expanding result is displayed at a time. In this case, the Summary is displayed, and the Description is being hidden with the "+1" icon. Additional details are displayed by hovering the mouse over the icon.

Figure 9: Additional Results

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