Golden Configuration (JSON)
  • 28 Jun 2022
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Golden Configuration (JSON)

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Article Summary

Configuration Manager also has integrated support for running compliance on JSON data. This section of the guide will only cover the elements of Golden Config (GC) that are different than those of devices.


The Configuration tab of a JSON GC takes JSON data as input. This data will be used to generate a compliance report on task instances.

To utilize variables in a JSON GC:

    "vpcName": "$_varName_$"

Anything enclosed in $_ _$ will be replaced by the variable value.

Task Instances

Task instances are instances of adapter tasks with their respective parameters which are used for fetching certain data.

You can perform a compliance check on these task instances by hovering over the 3-vertical-dots menu and clicking Run Compliance.

When you run compliance on a task instance, the Adapter Task associated with the instance will execute and fetch certain data. The data fetched from the adapter task is used for generating a compliance report.

Add a Task Instance

Click the Manage tab to view all task instances. To create a task instance, simply click the plus (+) button, which will generate the following view.


The Add Adapter Task dialog will contain a list of adapters and the tasks which belong to each adapter. You can also search for methods from the search bar at the very top. Once you've located the adapter task you would like to add, click on it to select it. From here you can hover over the blue Add button in the dialog footer and select +Add from the options menu. This will open the parameters dialog.


From this screen you must select a unique (within the node) Instance Name and define the parameters that are required to execute the Adapter Task you have selected. Once the appropriate information is provided, click the Submit button at the button to save the task instance.

The newly created task instance will appear in the Manage tab along with other existing task instances.


Run Compliance

Running compliance for a task instance is very much the same process as the one for devices. Simple click Run Compliance from the menu options that display when you click the vertical dots.


Once the compliance process has finished running, select the View Compliance menu option to display the Compliance and Reporting dialog. From here you can view which items in your configuration are out of compliance.


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