• 08 Jun 2022
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Article Summary

Itential Automation Platform (IAP) publishes events using an internal Event System. To subscribe to an Event Topic, a source and event handler need to be provided. The format is source, topic, handler.

The source to be used for the list of Job Events in the next section is @itential/app-workflow_engine. An example is shown below.

eventSystem.subscribe("@itential/app-workflow_engine", “jobStart”, jobStartHandler);

Job Events

The following event topics are published to the IAP environment.

Event Source Event Topic Description Payload
@itential/app-workflow_engine jobStart Publishes on job start. Started job
@itential/app-workflow_engine jobComplete Publishes on job complete. Completed job
@itential/app-workflow_engine jobError Publishes on job error. Error job
@itential/app-workflow_engine jobFix Publishes on job revert. Reverted job
@itential/app-workflow_engine jobPause Publishes on job pause. Paused job
@itential/app-workflow_engine jobResume Publishes on job resume. Resumed job
@itential/app-workflow_engine jobCancel Publishes on job cancel. Canceled job
@itential/adapter-nso ncs-alarms Publishes on alarm encountered in NSO. NSO alarm object
@itential/adapter-nso ncs-events Publishes on NSO events. NSO events object
@itential/adapter-nso device-notifications Publishes on NSO device notifications. NSO notifications object
@itential/adapter-nso service-state-changes Publishes on NSO service state changes. NSO service state changes object

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